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Venezuela Rewards Soldiers Brutality with Toilet Paper - Breitbart
25 Jul 2017 Pictures Have Emerged Of The Venezuelan Military Presenting Soldiers With Toilet Paper Rolls In What Appears To Be A Reward For Their Loyalty “is Handing Our Soldiers Personal Hygiene Products Supposed To Be A Maduro And [defense Minister] Padrino Victory, That They Then Show Off They Do Not Respect The .

Maduro rewards loyal Venezuelan soldiers with toilet paper
26 Jul 2017 Venezuela's Army May March On Its Stomach, But It Can't Roll Without Toilet Paper Photographs Have Emerged Of Venezuelan Military Brass Presenting Soldiers With Toilet Paper In What Appears To Be Socialist President Nicolas Maduro's Way Of Rewarding Them For Their Loyalty, Opposition Leader Henrique .

Nicolas Maduro's Regime Gave Donald Trump $500,000 for
20 Apr 2017 There's Hardly Any Food, No Gas, And Little Medicine Toilet Paper Has Been Scarce For So Long That Caracas' Airport Bathrooms Don't Even Pretend They Have Any The Dire Situation Has Snowballed Into Massive Protests Against President Nicolás Maduro's Authoritarian Regime, Including Yesterday's Mother Of .

Venezuelans caught short as toilet paper supplies run low - BBC News
The Government Of Venezuela Is Trying To Import 50 Million Rolls Of Toilet Paper Before Supermarket Shelves Run Out Of Stock Some Economists Say That The Shortage Of Basic Goods - Which Also Include Milk, Butter And Coffee - Is A Result Of The Socialist Government's Price Control Policies However, President Nicolas Maduro, .

What's Behind Venezuela's Toilet-Paper Shortage - The Atlantic
23 May 2013 Maduro Struggles To Govern As Venezuelans Reminisce About The More Comedic Predecessor.

The Toilet Reading Remixes 1 - Google Books Result
The European Union Said On Wednesday It Was Considering A Range Of Actions In Response To The Crisis, A Day After The United States Imposed Sanctions On Maduro, Called Him A Dictator For Sunday's Election Of A Constituent Assembly It's Not A Dictatorship, France Unbowed Legislator Eric Coquerel Told Cnews.

The Crappiest Economy
16 May 2013 President Nicolas Maduro And His Regime Have Blamed Opposition Forces And The Media For Sparking “excessive Demand” For Toilet Paper But It Is The Country's Economic Policies That Are Really Clogging Up The Works Although It Has Become Economically Constipated After Years Of Bolivarian-socialist Rule By .

Amazon com Maduro Toilet Paper 1 Paper Roll Papel Sanitario
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Venezuela protests 200,000 march against President Maduro as
21 May 2017 Opposition Activists And Riot Police Clash During A Protest Against President Nicolas Maduro In Caracas, With Supplies Of Food, Medicine, Soap And Even Toilet Paper Run Out, Protesters Are Demanding Early Elections To Remove Mr Maduro, Who Took Over The From Hugo Chavez In 2013 Inflation Rates Are Also .

In Venezuela, the economy may yet do what the opposition couldn't
11 Aug 2017 Already, Venezuelans Are Facing Half-day-long Bread Lines And Shortages Of Basics From Toilet Paper To Antibiotics But A Default On The National Debt Could Generate Even Harsher Domestic Conditions, Potentially Damaging Maduro's Support Within The Armed Forces, His Ultimate Line Of Defense Signs Of .

Venezuela leader Maduro holds onto power amid growing protests
8 Apr 2017 A Growing Number Of Protests Have Rocked The South American Socialist State Which Has Been Edging Towards Complete Disorder.

Something is wrong when a country says it's 40 million rolls short on
16 May 2013 Since Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Took Office Last Month, The Country's Already Decimated Economy Has Not Only Floundered But Also Continued Its Neglect In Providing People With The Most Basic Goods Milk, Butter, Coffee, Cornmeal And Even Toothpaste Have All Been In Short Supply And Now Toilet .

Venezuela's Maduro says will shun US dollar in favour of yuan, others
8 Sep 2017 Maduro Was Referring To Venezuela's “dicom” Official Exchange Rate In Which The Dollar Buys 3345 Bolivars, According To The Central Bank.

Venezuela's Maduro offers to help Trump fight drugs - EWN
18 Nov 2017 Maduro Calls Those Charges A Smear Campaign, And Insists That The United States Must Do More To Reduce Drug Consumption.

Venezuela under Maduro is reeling Editorials wcfcourier com
25 Apr 2017 Shortages Are Rampant, Including Bread, Soap And Toilet Paper A Toilet Paper Alternative Exists — The Bolivar, The Venezuelan Currency On Nov 1, A Dollar Could Be Exchanged For 1,567 Bolivars Four Weeks Later, It Required 3,480 Bolivars The Government Is Replacing Its Worthless 100-bolivar Note With A .

Jeremy Corbyn blasted for not condemning Venezuela's socialist
7 Aug 2017 Labour Mps Have Blasted Jeremy Corbyn For Failing To Condemn The Venezuelan Regime Led By Socialist President Nicolas Maduro As The Country Its Incompetent Regime Has Created A National Catastrophe Of Rampant Hyperinflation And A Chronic Shortage Of Basic Household Necessities, Even Toilet Paper.

Venezuela needs Nicolás Maduro's allies to make him see reason
19 May 2016 Since Succeeding Hugo Chávez Three Years Ago, Maduro Has Plunged The Country Into Ever-worsening Chaos Action Needs To Be Taken If A Humanitarian Crisis Is To Be Averted.

Venezuela News Toilet Paper Shortage a Huge Embarrassment For
20 May 2013 A Toilet Paper Shortage In Venezuela Is The Next Humiliating Event To Occur Under Nicolás Maduro's Presidency Are They On A Downward Spiral.

Socialism Maduro Venezuela toilet paper food - Bookworm Room
Socialism Maduro Venezuela Toilet Paper Food September 28, 2017 By Bookworm 0 Comments · Facebook Twitter Google+ Share We Were Unable To Load Disqus If You Are A Moderator Please See Our Troubleshooting Guide Writing This Blog Is A Labor Of Love However, If You'd Like To Donate Money For My Efforts, Please .

Venezuela Protests & Maduro's GM Nationalization Show
20 Apr 2017 Those Participating In The So-called “mother Of All Protests” Have Suffered Waves Of Arrests And Injuries — And At Least Two Have Been Killed By Government- Aligned Militias At The Everyday Level, The People Are Languishing Nationwide From Shortages Of Everything From Food To Toilet Paper Seizing A Car Plant .

Economic policy of the Nicolás Maduro administration - Wikipedia
When Elected In 2013, Nicolás Maduro Continued The Majority Of Existing Economic Policies Of His Predecessor Hugo Chávez When Entering The Presidency, President Maduro's Venezuela Faced A High Inflation Rate And Large Shortages Of Goods That Was Left Over From The Previous Policies Of President Chávez.

Britannica Book of the Year 2014 - Google Books Result
Diplomatic Tension With Neighbouring Colombia; Met With The Presidents Of Uruguay, Argentina, And Brazil; And Confronted Economic Problems At Home As Venezuelans Contended With High Inflation And Continual Shortages Of Such Essential Commodities As Sugar, Milk, Cooking Oil, And Toilet Paper Nicolás Maduro Moros .

Crude Nation How Oil Riches Ruined Venezuela - Google Books Result
Maduro Anunció Intervención De Empresala Manpa,” El Universal, September 27, 2013, Http Www Eluniversal Com Economia 130927 Maduro-anuncio - Intervencion-de-la-empresa-manpa-imp The Official State Announcement Referred To Each Toilet Roll Packet As A Bulto A Bulto Is Understood To Mean Twenty- Four Units Of .

Nicolas Maduro Biography, Facts, & Presidency Britannica com
As Import Capabilities Shrank, Shortages Of Staples Such As Toilet Paper, Milk, And Flour, As Well As Certain Medicines, Became More And More Widespread Against That Backdrop Maduro Was Quick To Focus On A Long-standing Dispute With Guyana Over A Portion Of That Country Claimed By Venezuela Since The 19th Century, .

Nicolas Maduro motorcade accosted by Venezuelan protesters
Thomson Reuters Posted Apr 12, 2017 12 08 Am Et Last Updated Apr 12, 2017 12 26 Am Et Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro, Second From Right, Gestures As He Arrives To An Event To Commemorate A Military Battle In San Felix Later, Shouts And Objects Were Directed At The Vehicle Carrying The President (miraflores Reuters) .

Venezuela crisis I flew to U S to buy toilet paper - Sep 28, 2016
28 Sep 2016 Venezuela's National Election Committee Recently Announced That It Would Give Opposition Leaders Three Days In Late October To Gather Enough Signatures Needed For A Presidential Referendum Vote -- A Vote To Remove Maduro Maduro's Opponents Need 20% Of Registered Voters To Sign The Petition And Then .

Venezuela asks UN for help as medicine shortages grow severe
25 Mar 2017 Maduro Said He Had Asked For Support To Address A Host Of Other Shortages And Issues His Country Was Facing Due To The Economic War And The Fall In Oil Prices In The Last Few Years, Venezuelans Have Struggled With Food And Medicine Shortages As Well As Lack Of Basic Products Such As Toilet Paper.

Venezuelan Soldiers Loyal To The Socialist Regime Get The Gift Of
26 Jul 2017 As A Morale Boost, It Seems, Some Of Those Repression Soldiers Were Rewarded With Toilet Paper And Other Personal Items, And The Award Presentations Were Bernie Sanders Didn't Win The Democratic Primary, But He Did Score A Major Endorsement From Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Who Called .

Morning Star Venezuela Maduro fights back by taking over US
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Announced On Monday Night That His Government Will Take Control Of A Factory Belonging To Us Transnational Corporation Kimberly-clark The Personal Care Giant, Which Makes Disposable Nappies, Face Wipes And Toilet Tissue, Had Suspended Operations, Claiming That It Was No Longer .

How Chávez and Maduro have impoverished Venezuela - Free
6 Apr 2017 Nearly Everything Of Consequence In The Economy, From Toilet Paper To Trousers, Is Imported From Abroad As Oil Prices Soared In The 2000s, Venezuela Found Itself Awash In Cash In 2014 The Boom Ended The Volume Of Dollars Flowing Into The Country Tumbled, Presenting The New Government Of Nicolás .

Venezuela Maduro Accuses Colombia's Santos of Aiding Currency
2 Nov 2017 Venezuela Has Released Six New Currency Notes To Help Combat Gangs That Steal The Currency Along The Colombian Border, According To President Maduro.

Up to 200,000 protesters march against Venezuela's Maduro SBS
In Caracas, Demonstrators Carried Signs That Read #we Are Millions Against The Dictatorship And #no More Dictatorship! The Protesters Blame Maduro For Shortages Of Food, Medicine And Such Basics As Soap And Even Toilet Paper, Saying He Is Manoeuvering To Dodge Calls For Early Elections It's Been 50 Days Of Protests.

Venezuelans Rebuke Their President by a Staggering Margin - The
16 Jul 2017 Voters Waited In Line For Hours To Slip Ballots Printed On Simple Paper Into Old Cardboard Boxes That Bore Logos Of Items Such As Toilet Paper And Doughnuts Photo The Ballots Contained Three Yes-or-no Questions That Were Drafted With The Aim Of Weakening President Nicolás Maduro's Legitimacy.

Venezuela's Maduro finds solidarity in Turkey - Al-Monitor
17 Aug 2017 When Supporters Of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Look At The Situation In Venezuela, They See A Leader To Be Defended Like Their Own Instead Of A Situation To Be Avoided.

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3 strikes and Maduro must be out in Venezuela TheHill
18 Jul 2017 To Toilet Paper And Toothpaste With Caracas Now One Of The Most Violent Cities In The World, The Situation Is Both Deplorable And Unsustainable As Daily Life Implodes, Democracy Is Eroded From Above President Nicolas Maduro Undermines The Opposition Led National Assembly At Every Turn So That Today It .

Venezuela Election Maduro Opposition Prepares, Hopes 2018 Vote
8 Apr 2017 The Solution, Guanipa Tells Them, Is To Vote Against The Ruling Socialist Party — Which Controls 20 Of Venezuela's 23 States — And To Elect Opposition Candidates Like Himself It's Unclear Whether Voters Will Get That Chance Venezuelans Used To Cross Borders For Luxuries; Now It's For Toilet Paper .

Venezuela toilet paper shortage embarrasses president Nicolas
18 May 2013 'even At My Age, I've Never Seen This,' Said 70-year-old Maria Rojas Who Has Been Looking For Toilet Paper For Two Weeks Now Venezuela Toilet Paper Shortage Embarrasses President Nicolas Maduro The Government Has Promised To Import Millions Of Rolls (picture Ap) Toilet Paper Is Sold Out In Shops .

Maduro - let your people Eat! Venezuela in Crisis - Jesusanthonybaez
Maduro - Let Your People Eat! Venezuela In Crisis June 20 Scavenging For Food In Trash Kidnapping For Random Money To Afford Toilet Paper Venezuela Is About To Blow Venezuelan Holding A Sign That Reads (in Spanish) I Don't Want To Live Anymore In Fear Image Courtesy Of Popsugar News Would You Believe It If I Told  .

Venezuela in Crisis Council on Foreign Relations
12 Dec 2017 President Nicolas Maduro's Efforts To Consolidate Power Amid A Deepening Economic And Humanitarian Crisis Have Drawn Widespread International Condemnation Venezuela's Economic Crisis Is Marked By Soaring Inflation And Shortages Of Food, Medical Supplies, And Staples Like Toilet Paper And Soap.

Venezuela's Maduro Is The Caracas Kim – The North Korean One
29 Mar 2017 When People Are Too Busy Standing In Epic Queues For Scarce Milk, Antibiotics And Toilet Paper, They Don't Have A Lot Of Time To Work For Regime Change Especially When Generals Are The Regime's Bodyguards So I Reasoned Venezuela's Loony Left Would Probably Be In Power For A Long Time To Come And So Far .

Socialist Venezuelan Presidente Maduro has solved that Nation's
8 Oct 2017 In A Sheer Stroke Of Genius, That Could Only Come From A Socialist (communist) Leader Venezuela's Presidente Nicolas Maduro Has Solved That Nations Toilet Paper Shortage With A Mere Stroke Of His Mighty Pen By Executive Order, The Presidente Has Ordered All Food Stocks Removed From Grocery Store .

Venezuelans Around The World Rally Against Nicolás Maduro
19 Apr 2017 As Tens Of Thousands Took To The Streets In Venezuela Wednesday To Express Their Anger At The Government Of President Nicolás Maduro, Expatriates Of The Accustomed To Spending Hours Every Week Waiting In Line For Rationed Household Products Like Flour, Sugar, Powdered Milk, And Even Toilet Paper.

Trump refuses to take call from Venezuela's Maduro - Washington
12 Aug 2017 “since The Start Of This Administration, President Trump Has Asked That Maduro Respect Venezuela's Constitution, Hold Free And Fair Elections, Release Political Prisoners, Cease All Human Rights Violations, And Stop Oppressing Venezuela's Great People,” The White House Said “the Maduro Regime Has Refused .

Nationwide protests in Venezuela call for an end to Maduro's
7 Sep 2016 Venezuelans Took To The Streets In Cities Across The Country Wednesday In An Effort To Pressure The Authorities To Call A Referendum On President Nicolás Maduro's Future — And To Do It This Year The Nationwide Protests Followed Last Week's Massive Mobilization Of Hundreds Of Thousands In The Capital Of .

Maduro's Arrogance Enabled by Venezuelan Citizen Disarmament
17 Jul 2017 Is It Any Wonder Maduro's Country Is In The Toilet — And Out Of Toilet Paper ( Nicolás Maduro Facebook) “venezuela's Opposition Called On Monday For A National Strike Against President Nicolás Maduro In An Escalation Of Protests After A Massive Symbolic Referendum At The Weekend,” Reuters Reported .

Big March Marks 50th Day of Protests in Venezuela Against
20 May 2017 In Caracas, Where Many Residents Face Severe Shortages Of Such Daily Necessities As Food, Medicine And Toilet Paper, Marchers Carried Signs — Some Reading No More Dictatorship And Millions Against Dictatorship — As They Moved Toward The City Center Opposition Supporters Clash With Security Forces .

Efecto Oscar PÉrez El Dictador Maduro Lleva Días Activando Su Sistema De Defensa Antiaéreo #5jul Los Próceres #cicpc Pic Twitter Com Cdyuapncpb 9 30 Pm - 4 Jul 2017 63 Retweets; 27 Likes; Alfonzo Valdivez S Jusamar Samuel Rosero Rogniv Anna Turner Dejanira Silveira Santiago De León Ccs San .

The Toilet Paper Economy All Special Reports IFRe
By Any Stretch Of The Imagination, Venezuela Has Problems Under The Stewardship Of Former Bus Driver, President Nicolas Maduro, The Country Is Falling Apart It Has The Distinctly Dubious Honour Of Both The World's Worst Inflation And Gdp Figures Despite Central Bank Assurances In Mid-february That The Country's Inflation .

Venezuela Is About To Ditch The Dollar In Major Blow To US Here's
8 Sep 2017 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Said Thursday That Venezuela Will Be Looking To “free” Itself From The U S Dollar Next Week, Reuters Reports The Country Where Toilet Paper Costs A Weeks Salary, So They Do Without; Where An Ounce Of Silver Will Get You Some Primo Weed And A Scarily Intense .

Nicolas Maduro Public Radio International
First Toilet Paper, Now Venezuela Is Running Out Of Newsprint · Pri's The World November 06, 2013 In The Us, We're Used To Hearing About Newspapers Suffering From A Declining Readership In Venezuela, The Newspaper Industry Is Hurting For Another Reason The Papers Can't Get Paper.

Venezuela Is Running Out of Toilet Paper
25 Feb 2015 Amid Skyrocketing Inflation And A Contracting Economy, Venezuelan Consumers Have Been Faced With Widespread Shortages Of Products Nicolás Maduro's Government Blames Hoarders Looking To Destabilize The Government, But Businesses And Economists Say It's The Result Of Government Price Controls That .

Venezuela is collapsing, and no one seems to care
2 Aug 2017 In A Contentious And Highly Irregular Election On Sunday, Venezuela Voted For The Creation Of A New Constituent Assembly, Which Would Give President Nicolás Maduro Increasing Control Of A Divided And Chaotic Country Since The Vote, Maduro's Government Has Continued To Arrest Representatives Of The .

Venezuela's Season of Starvation – Foreign Policy
19 Jun 2016 Amid Sky-high Inflation, Dangerous Shortages, And Political Unrest, Nicolás Maduro's Regime Is On The Verge Of Collapse By Peter Wilson June 19 Nonetheless, Basic Goods Such As Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Milk, Pasta, Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, And Detergent Remain Impossible To Find According To Datanalisis .

The Grinch who stole Venezuela's Christmas - Chicago Tribune
19 Dec 2016 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Is Trying To Sell Himself As St Nick--the Way Most Venezuelans See It, However, He's Selling Snake Oil Everyday Living Is All About Lines — Long, Desperate Lines For Food, Medical Supplies, Toilet Paper And A Host Of Other Staples That Have Been Scarce For Months Or .

Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism Venezuela's Maduro
27 Apr 2016 The President Of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Has Just Announced The Achievement Of A Great Goal Of John Maynard Keynes, The Institution Of The 15 Hour Or So Work Week No Doubt Further Victories Are Just Over The Horizon And True Socialism Will Arrive Real Soon Now Of Course, There Is [ ].

After Beer Shortage, Venezuela Pres Threatens to Jail Factory
16 May 2016 Nicolas Maduro Threatened To Jail The Owners Of Idle Factories Following A Decree Granting Him More Powers To Face An Economic Crisis Maduro Accuses Polar And Others Of Trying To Destabilize The Financially Stricken Country By Exacerbating Shortages Of Goods From Foodstuffs To Medicines To Toilet Paper.

Milk, Sugar Join Toilet Paper on Venezuela's List of Shortages - The
16 Jan 2014 The Dangerous Saboteurs That Comrade Stalin Warned Us About Are Keeping Baby Formula Off Of Venezuela's Shelves President Nicolas Maduro Is Here To Stop Them In The Mean Time, Add Milk And Sugar To The List Of Chronic Shortages In The Country With The World's Biggest Oil Reserves.

Nicolás Maduro - Conservapedia
12 Aug 2017 There Is Even Scarce Toilet Paper Available Food Shortages And Corruption Are Very Common And There Is An Annual Inflation Rate Of More Than 45 Percent After That Maduro Forced Stores To Sink The Prices Store Managers And Owners Were Arrested Maduros Unveiled The Deputy Ministry Of Supreme Social .

China restates support for Venezuela's Maduro in wake of Trump's
20 Sep 2017 Foreign Minister Wang Yi Insists Beijing's Policy Will Not Change Despite Scores Of Deaths In Anti-government Protests.

Oliva O Maduro Oasis - halfwheel
4 Jan 2017 In 2001, Oliva Cigar Co Debuted Three Blends In A New Flagship Line Named The O Series, Each Differentiated By A Different Color Band Made Of Cloth And Packaged In Boxes Of 25 That Can Only Be Described As Toilet Bowl Shaped First, There Was The O Classic, Which Was Made Up Of A Habano Wrapper And .

President Nicolas Maduro seeks to rule Venezuela by decree The
9 Oct 2013 Last Month, Mr Maduro Sent The Army Into A Toilet Paper Production Plant And Said Supermarket Shelves Were Empty Because Venezuelans Eat Too Much Meanwhile, The Country Suffers The Highest Murder Rate Of Any Latin American Country If He Is Granted Special Powers, Mr Maduro May Begin By Modifying .

Venezuela's Maduro lashes out at Gustavo Dudamel – Slipped Disc
19 Aug 2017 The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Has Attacked The Conductor Gustavo Dudamel For Urging His Government To Bring Peace To The Country Appearing On Television, Maduro Told Dudamel 'i Hope God Forgives You ' 'welcome To Politics, Gustavo Dudamel But Act With Ethics, And Don't Let Yourself Be .

Trinidad Express Newspapers Editorial From Maduro with love
27 Apr 2017 The Only Reason Socialism Has Spectacularly Failed Here And Everywhere It Was Tried Is Because The Cia Keeps Stealing Our Toilet Paper But It's Not Just Dr Rampersad Who Has Been Apologising On Our Behalf Other Public Commentators Like Rickey Singh, Uwi Lecturer Gabriella Hosein, “historian”' Michael .

What has President Nicolas Maduro got in common with the late
22 Sep 2013 But Let Us Comfort President Maduro By Reassuring Him That Even In Ceauasescu's Romania, One Could Not Enjoy The Luxury Of Importing Toilet Paper, Because Foreign Currency Was Needed, Instead, For Securing A “bright Socialist Future”, Through The Import Of Technology From Capitalist Countries… Have You .

Maduro room - Auberge de l'Ill
Maduro Room The Maduro Room Contains A Real Work Of Art The Inlaid Marquetry Tv Cabinet, In The Alsatian Style The Composition Superb Hydrangeas, Generous And Charming A Unique Creation Where The Delicate And Sophisticated Design Can Be Seen Throughout The Decoration Harmonious Cream And Light Green Colours .

Venezuela's Maduro Looks to Hardline Chavez Tactics as Protests
4 Mar 2014 Nearly Three Weeks In, At Least 500 People Had Been Arrested, 150 Injured, And State Authorities Said 13 Had Died In Protests That Erupted As The Country's Inflation Rate Rose To Above 50 Percent, And As Basic Commodities Like Cooking Oil Or Toilet Paper Disappeared From Store Shelves Maduro, Who Has Been .

Venezuela's toilet-paper shortage oddly worsening, despite Maduro's
1 Feb 2014 When Will President Nicolas Maduro Finally Free Venezuelans From The Tyrannical Shackles Of Supply And Demand Ruining Their Lives Despite His Best Efforts At Establishing Price Caps, Government Rationing, Currency Controls, And Stationing Troops At Places Of Business In Order To Prevent The Collusion Of .

When a Crisis Emerges, Look the Other Way Venezuela's Handling
13 Feb 2017 Citizens Continue To Put Pressure On Authorities To Allow A Recall Referendum Against President Maduro There's No Toilet Paper, No Soap, And No Medicine President Nicolas Maduro And The Venezuelan Government, Dominated By The United Socialist Party Of Venezuela, Contend That There Is No Health .

Venezuelans separating Chavez and Maduro - Business Insider
19 May 2016 Venezuela Has Been Named The Most Miserable Country In The World By Academics For A Few Years Running Johns Hopkins University Economist Steve Hanke Has Measured Inflation At About 284% The Country Is Running Out Of Necessities Such As Toilet Paper And Basic Food, Which People Wait In Lines Of .